Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A better day

I wonder if yesterday's grumpy was, at least in part, due to the hot water in the pool. Today the water was cool and glorious. I wish I had gotten there earlier so I could have swum longer but it was Aqua Fit day. I got in 2050 yards so it was still a very good swim. 10,000 yards this month so far. I never do the November writing challenge but I can sure swim!

After my swim I took all of Zappos boots and drop them off at the UPS store which is handily located steps from Safeway.

Yesterday I made two batches of sesame noodles. I really like them and they are easy and fast to make and are delicious hot or cold but I can't get the recipe perfect. The first batch were way too pepper oil hot. The second batch, I cut the pepper oil back to a drop and it was still too hot. Weird. And it ran me out of rice vinegar. So today when I was picking up more rice vinegar, I cracked the problem! There are two kinds of sesame oil... I had used the one with pepper oil in it! Doh! Ok, I think I got this now.

I have a load of laundry going now.

stress_kitten suggested insoles to solve my boot problem which I had tried but I hate the feel of those things on my bare feet and I really want to avoid socks if at all possible... BUT her suggestion gave me the idea - wonder if this isn't some kind of fur covered insoles and... tada!! of course Amazon has 'em. So I ordered those. And they might well put a halt to my whole boot quest because they could make my old, comfortable, but dead inside, boots work again! I still have two pair of new ones coming from Zappos tomorrow. There is hope.

I think I'm going to whip up that fleece jacket I cut out yesterday or at least get it started. And then just the usual stuff.

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    Business Service Center, 206-684-5177, during regular business hours, or by calling the pool, 206-684-4766

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    The Flickr album of all the days.

  • Biggie 2021

    The Flickr album of all the days.

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