Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

spa swimming

My gym has had issues with the spa (hot tub) leaking into the pool. And they really did this morning. Half the pool is spa temperature and the other half is regular which feels very cold when swimming from spa hot to normal. It really did a number (and not in a good way) on my swimming attitude. I only cut my swim short by about 100 yards but the 1900 yards I did were not fun. Not horrible but not fun.

Plus, my attitude in general is in kind of a funk. I hate coughing. And I'm uninspired. And grumpy.

On the up side, I have traded in my Breathe Right nose strips for cranking up the head of my bed to more of an incline. It's actually kind of working. Much cheaper and easier on the skin of my nose.

Friday is bear delivery day so today and tomorrow I need to finish up this crop and get them photographed. The bear numbers are back up so photography will be a challenge. However the new phone takes much better pictures.
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