Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew Sew

For someone who didn't have any sewing projects today, I managed to bang out a bunch!

I get hot and cold easily within short time spans. I can sit and watch TV and be really chilly and then 30 minutes later be hot. And then be cold again. So I like to have coverage nearby. Blankets and wraps are too big.

The other day I made a cowl with a caplet... it works perfectly but when I'm not wearing it, I have issues. I don't want it just cluttering the living room but I don't want it out of arm's reach. To today I made it a pillow case!

(And, by the way, this new phone has THE best camera! Even throw away shots are lovely.)

Then I went on to add stop stitching to my leggings pocket.

One of the things I picked out of the Goodwill pile yesterday was a Snuggie that was in perfectly fine shape. I cut off the bottom and added two huge buttons/buttonholes. Now I can wear it backwards like a regular sweater/jacket in bed when I get cold reading or playing computer games. And then... I made a pillow case for it, too!!

I also discovered that I can download YouTubes. Maybe you could always do that, I don't know. But The Great British Sewing Bee episodes disappear fast so I'm thinking downloading them will enable me to actually watch them before they disappear. So I did. 3 seasons. On my tablet. I can watch them there or Chromecast them to the TV. This all equals = me the happy camper!
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