Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My phone drained completely last night. I think it was a combo of probably not getting the plug seated all the way. It uses USB C and it takes a different kind of pressure to get it right. I'm just not used to it yet. Also it could be that my cheap cable to too long and too cheap. I ordered a replacement this morning.  On the up side, once plugged into the good charger, it went from 0-87% in 30 minutes. I'm totally cool with that.

My swim was good. On the Swimming sub reddit someone yesterday suggested a 50,000 yard challenge for November. I'm so in!  If I do my usual 2k a day, I'll make it easily.  OMG, I just looked it up in miles. 28-34.  That's pretty cool.

After swim I went over to the big Safeway and scored diced yellow onions and cut green onions! They are all going into the freezer before lunch today - except for some of the yellow ... I'm having chili for dinner.

I refitted my leggings pocket to make it more comfortable. I have more leggings coming and so making it right is even more important. I don't really have a sewing project for today. My swimsuit pattern is coming in the mail today. My swimsuit fabric won't get here til Friday. But I do want to make a couple of working copies of the pattern. It is a very simple line and I envision making variations.

The Home Owners Association meeting is tonight.
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