Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Putting the brakes on...

After my swim this morning, I set out to score some corn candy on sale. This turned out to be non trivial. On my third stop, I finally found some corn candy-ish pumpkins and called it a win. 2 bags for $1.50. The only corn candy I found was chocolate or pink. Nope. Wrong.

Also on those stops (2 were grocery stores), I looked for pre-chopped green onions which used to be everywhere and now are nowhere. I loved to buy a bunch and pop them in the freezer. From there I could grab a handful for eggs or whatever. Yes, I could chop my own and now may well have to. Sigh.

I also saw a bit of wreckage from yesterday's wind/rain. The front yard fence - a nice looking fence - had completely torn off it's bearings and was lying in a front yard. Park of a roof of one house was in their front yard. Wow.

My route took me kind of semi close to the Goodwill by the pound store. I need to not go back there for a while. Today I spent $8! I don't need anything more. Stop. Plus it feels like I'm stealing from poor people.

I do have some more stuff to donate. My boots that I bought last year and just love because they are soft and cozy and oh so easy to slip on and off, are killing my feet. Wearing them gives me tendinitis in my right foot. Last year, I didn't realize what it was and continued to wear them until I was nearly crippled. This year I wore them a few times without issue and then... bam! I tried one set of insoles so see if that helped. It made them supremely uncomfortable is what it did. I have another pair to try but I think, pretty much, we're done. boohoo.

I've ordered some options from Zappos but I'm not keeping any unless they are perfect which means I'm going to have to wear them around the house for days to check. Could be worse. At least I will be able to check and send the back easily if they don't work.

Today's action will include making a phone stand from the Mariners t-shirt I scored last night on the free shelf. And knitting and baseball and I think I've found another British Sewing Bee episode. Oh and I need to change out the music on my swim player. I'm getting same-old-stuff fatigue.
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