Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bits of this and that

At night, I've taken to an evening walk down the hallways and down to the garage rounding by the free shelf to check out the always amusing offerings. For the past week someone has been giving away some really horrible Christmas decorations. Tonight I scored a kid's Mariner T-shirt. It has a lovely reusable logo right on it. Never been worn. Sweet.

But what made me laugh out loud was, right in the middle of the pile, a 12" round analog battery run wall clock. I could just hear the thought process 'fuck if I'm changing this thing one more time!'

I found (on You Tube) an episode of British Sewing Bee that I had not seen so that was an afternoon treat. Otherwise just a regular lovely day.

Dishes done and now I'm finishing off tonight's World Series game and then maybe Scandal.

Tomorrow I need to remember to stop after my swim and find some corn candy on sale.
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