Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

susandennis weather

It is rainy and windy and weather perfection in my book. The leaves are great colors and they are whipping back and forth with the wind all over town. It's not that cold but it is Fall and Seattle and perfect.

This morning it was pitch black when I drove to the gym. It's the last day for that. Once in the pool, I did not see another soul for 50 minutes. The population started to increase then. I'll be interested to see what it's like tomorrow, swimmer wise.

After my swim, it dawned on my that maybe everyone was still in bed and so I could find parking and get into my favorite breakfast place Luna Park Cafe. I could and I did and it was great. It's a funny place to be on Halloween, too. Between the general Northwest dress mores and the Luna Park lunacy, it was nearly impossible to tell who was in costume and who wasn't. Yeah, those black lines on her face could be Halloween make up but, heck, it could be a tattoo, too! I was wearing a neon yellow/green fleece top. It was the only bright color in the joint. Mud greens and browns and blacks. Even their reds were muted and brownish. What a place. And their food is fabulous.

Home now. My brother has his newsletter ready for me to edit. I need to make some cowl collars for some of my other fleece tops and I have TV to watch.

I think my new phone is pretty much all set with all the passwords and access to various apps all done. I do like it. I wish I didn't have to keep a case on it but I'm afraid not to.

The app that works with my Misfit Shine got an update last week that hobbled it pretty badly with Android 5 but then killed it all together with Android 6. I was so frustrated. I even spent a fair amount of time looking for a new fitness app but I cannot find one that is any better even though this one, when it works, is not nearly as great as it could be. Finally, I found an APK for the version before the update and got it installed instead and we're all back to working now. Whew.

I think Zoey is coming down off her manic-ness of the past week or so. She's been eating me out of house and home here lately but today, nope. And while she was bugging e a bit ago now she's off on her own investigating the wind outside on the terrace. We'll see how long this stage lasts.
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