Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A busy phone day...

My new phone arrived finally and it's lovely. I tapped the new one with the old one and all my stuff was downloaded and set up by magic. I'm a happy camper.

I listed the old phone for sale on Amazon about 2 pm. At 4, I got an email that it had sold. I could have waited until tomorrow or Monday to send it but he's only in Bakersfield and I knew that if I hustled I could get the thing wiped, and boxed and in the mail so he'd get it on Monday. And I did. So, my new phone was half price! (Yep, I get that my address is on the river DeNile.)

On the up side the app that works with my fitness band does not work with the new version of Android. I'm royally pissed about that. Royally. I'd switch fitness devices right this freakin minute if I could find one that 1. tracked swimming, 2. gave me feedback while I'm swimming, 3. didn't look like the watch on Sea Hunt.

But, I did have a lovely afternoon of tech.

There may be frozen waffles for dinner.
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