Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Everyone in the pool!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I got to the edge of the pool between 7:45 and 8:15 and there was no one in it. Most of the hour I swam there was no one but me in the pool.  And that was the same story when I got out an hour or so later.

Today, I got to the pool at 7:45 and there were 5 people doing laps! A couple left and then a couple more came in. Until about 10 minutes before I got out when there was only me and one other person. It was wild. As I was getting dressed, I ran into a regular. She was there for the Aqua Fit class at 9. She said that the instructor has been a no show for the past two weeks.  No sign of her this week either before I left.

I was too early to make it back over the bridge this morning so I stopped at the grocery store to investigate this oatmeal cup thing. They had tons of different kinds and none - zero - zip cups of plain old - no flavor, no sugar oatmeal. Oh well. I guess I'll just dirty up my own bowl.

I was going to stop by the by-the-pound Goodwill and score some more pocket material and get some swimsuit practice fabric but I turned wrong and decided to go another day.


The tracking number for my new phone says it is coming today instead of tomorrow! It doesn't say 'Out for Delivery' so I'm a bit skeptical but I'm ready. I have my current phone all ready to sell.  Photos taken, sales copy written.  I have a protecting case for the new one.  And an early delivery would be delighted for sure.


I really have no plans today.  I'm ready for whatever!
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