Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Black Friday of Goodwill

I needed some leggings kind of fabric to make my pockets and just didn't want to face those snotty women who run the fabric store but then I thought... Goodwill!! I have all that donation stuff in the back of my car. Two birds...

And merrily I went until I hit the parking lot. Goodwill the week before Halloween is worse that Good Friday at Walmart! I hardly got through to the parking lot crowd to get to the donation area. NFW was I going inside. Yikes!

Then I remembered the other Goodwill. Not too far away is a bulk Goodwill. They charge by the pound and have piles o' clothes. So that's where I went. I found just what I wanted - a pair of black leggings - and even scored a pair of Spanx that might even work better. I looked through for other stuff and found a log spandex dress with a fabulous pattern but let it go. Then when I went back to that pile, I couldn't find it again. So I just left with my two items - $1.04 for both.

On the way home I realized what I could have used the fabric of that spandex dress for ... a swim suit!!! Now I have a source for cheap practice swimsuit fabric when I'm ready to try the suit.


Both my regular doctor and my lung doctor tell me over and over again that my COPD will feel worse in cold wet weather. I ignore them because I love cold wet weather and I want them to be wrong. But, I think they may not be. I've noticed in the past couple of weeks that my cough is not going away. It's mostly not terrible but it's definitely coughy. I'm not happy about this.


On the up side, my new phone will be here on Friday. When you spend that much for a phone tossing in a few extra $ for overnight shipping seems like a no brainer. I have no clue why I didn't do that. If I had, it would be in my hands now. But, I'm surprised how much I am enjoying the delicious anticipation. Friday will be here soon enough
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