Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Deep Cleaning

Not me, I'm not doing any deep cleaning. My housecleaner is doing the work. When I asked her if she could give me two cleaning days a month instead of one and she agreed she said "windows?" and I said "sure!" Turns out windows, in Bosnian/English means move all the furniture in the living room away from the walls and clean stuff that hasn't been cleaned in ohmygodwhothefuckknows! Plus, the actual windows. Wow.

I'd have been happy with clean kitchen and bathroom but, hey, now Zoey has twice as many toys as she did yesterday.

While Amira is cleaning, I filled in my swimming spreadsheet. For no good reason. I have it set up so that my fitness band feeds into a spreadsheet but it doesn't fill it in completely enough so I go back and add the other stuff. I have no earthly reason for the info but if I ever find one, I have it.

At the gym this morning Quaker Oats had a display out and some free instant oatmeal cups so I grabbed one and fired it up when I got home. It was labeled Oatmeal with Maple and Brown Sugar. It was Sugar with a little something in it. OMG it was so sweet that I'm still tasting it. I should have just tossed it after the first spoonful. UGH. But, it was a handy little thing. I'm going to see if they have those for non sweetened oatmeal. That would be a great after swim snack.

While she was watching Amira vacuum up the terrace (which soooo needed it. last time I tried to do it, I coughed for days) Zoey let me snap a couple of great pictures.

I got an idea on how to add a phone pocket to my leggings. That's today's project. Also, I'm thinking about making myself a swim suit. Maybe. If I can find cheap practice fabric. Not today but soonish maybe.
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