Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's goal was to get to the pool in time to do a good swim before those aqua fit ladies started yanking the lanes out... but not too soon as to join rush hour traffic on the way home. I kind of met the goal. I got the good swim in for sure. More great leg work. I'm so glad I discovered this new way of pushing off. It's like doing 82 squats with a nice swim in between each.

After the gym, Google said the bridge was still crowded so I went to the grocery store.

But, still I managed to sit on the bridge with everyone on their way into town. I just chilled about it. I was listening to a fascinating podcast about one of the '3 other Americans' killed in the Bengazi raid. He was, apparently, a big EVE war gamer about which I knew nothing. Really interesting to hear about it all.

Now I'm home and snacked and internetted and getting ready to sew. I have one boring project today and I need to fix one from last week. Turns out just slapping a pocket on not new/strong t-shirt material is ill advised. it's needs some stabilizer. Gotcha.

I am also waiting waiting waiting for my Shipped email from Google. They charged my credit card for the new phone - the charge is pending. There's a sub/Reddit that is frantically actively full of people waiting waiting waiting for their Nexus 6P's and they have pretty much cracked the formula... if your dates are xxx, your credit card will be charged on xx, your order will be changed from Pending to Processing on xx and to Shipped on xx with an email and then it will show up the next day.

So, based on their formula, my shipped email should come today and the phone tomorrow or Thursday. Which is very cool.

Goodwill drop off and ATMing still not done. Still not critical.
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