Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew sew Monday

I have no idea why sewing has such a very strong appeal to me these days but it sure does. I love being back there in my sewing area just doing stuff. Today I made a new pair of Croc liners - hot pink! And redesigned a t-shirt. The former turned out perfectly but the latter... eh, meh. But, I just love the process. And my set up. Having a place for everything so it can all easily stay tidy is really luxurious.

I just bought my first Craftsy class. I've been tempted before but a blog on sewing bags who's entries I've been following offered a 50% off deal and I bit. This could be a thing. They have a fair number of interesting classes.

I finally got over my little not-breathing-really-well-spell. It was weird. What finally ended it this time was my rescue inhaler which I always forget about. I had been carrying it around in my purse but I finally took it out because I so rarely even use it. I think now I might put one in the glove compartment of the car.

That Chinese food I got delivered the other night is still delicious. I had some of the shrimp/pork noodles for lunch with a pot sticker and YUM. I have only one dinner of Mongolian beef left. I may have it tonight.
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