Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning in the pool, I decided to ramp up my swimming a bit. Every time I got to the wall, I grabbed it and pushed hard and then tried to keep up that momentum. The entire time.

And, learned that it really makes no difference... Well, a little difference. My thighs definitely feel like they have been working. And that's not nothin'.

But my fitness app is underwhelmed. Yesterday was my usual leisurely swim. Turns out I swam exactly the same amount of time as today.

1 h 09 m, 2000 yds, 796 calories, 80 laps, 1321
1 h 09 m, 2050 yds, 789 calories, 82 laps, 1309

Interesting. I did make a new friend. There's this woman who I often run into in the locker room. She's older than I am and kind of reminds me of my grandmother (not the nice one). But, she is nice. She always asks me how many laps I did and then oohs and ahs over whatever I say which is sweet. Today she told me her name is Mary.

Today's swim did instigate a cough which I'm trying to get rid of. I downed one of my magic quit coughing pills on the way home and I think it's finally working. Note to me: your purse supply of magic quit coughing pills is getting low.

Today's sewing will be a t-shirt experiment. I'm trying a new way of making t-shirts fit me better. Yesterday I made a fabulous fleece cowl/short poncho. At night, while I'm watching TV, I sometimes get too cold and too hot, sometimes in the space of an hour. I wanted a fix that was easy to flick on and off. I tried out the new contraption last night and it works exactly the way I want it to. I have one modification to make.

I have Goodwill in the car and I need to make am ATM run. Neither of those things need to be done today.

About 50 percent of the time, I'm sorry I won't be around to see all the fabulous things the future has in store. But, about 50 percent of the time, I am so grateful that I'm going to die well before the horrible things happen and that I don't have to get all freaked by things like bacon can kill you.

NPR ran the story about those findings that cured meat and colon cancer about 12 times this morning and I'm already done with it. I love bacon and salami and hot dogs and really good cured ham. I am grateful to be of the age where I can eat it all without caring. And can go to my grave without ever having to eat kale.

Actually that food thing may tip the scale to more of a 75%. Leaving only 25% sorry about missing the fun future things. But, I'm cool with that.
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