Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey is in her manic phase... She's eating like she's trying to fill four hollow legs. And when not eating she's either wandering around investigating stuff like she just moved in yesterday or she's doing the Daytona 500 up and down the hallway. I sensed she was getting out of her down phase and ordered in more wet cat food so I'm ready for her shenanigans.

Swim was good. There's a very overweight guy who's been coming every Saturday and Sunday now for a while and giving it a good go. He was a no show today. Hope he's ok.

My Goodwill bin is getting full. Time to make a delivery. Maybe tomorrow. I have a bunch of insulated travel mugs (many of which I actually bought at Goodwill) that are taking up too much space and not getting used. That's what topped off the bin.

Today is laundry and sheet changing day. There may be some sewing. There will be some knitting. And TV watching. A nice Sunday ahead.
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