Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying to stay optimistic...

The good news is that the new insurance company sent my new insurance card today! The bad news is that the card lists a doctor at Swedish Health Services as my Primary Care Physician. I have never gone to Swedish Health Services for anything ever and the physician they list is not even in their published roster of physicians.

The good news is that their customer service is open on weekends and I was connected to a live, helpful person in minutes. The bad news is that my Member number did not show up on their records. Then I remembered to tell her that it isn't official until November 1. She found me anyway. Points. And I explained that I never heard of the physician listed and that I was very very attached to my very own Primary Care Physican.

She got his info, found him, put me on hold and came back to tell me she'd fixed my records and they would be sending me a new card. Whew.

The new card also said that their mail pharmacy is one that I have used not terribly happily in the past. This year there is a discount for using them. But, by the time my insurance kicks in that discount will be gone. She did confirm for me that I will be able to use any pharmacy in their list that is designated as 90 days and get the same price. Actually, she noted that there is no longer even any discount for 90 days.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to transfer my prescriptions to the pharmacy located physically in the clinic where my doctor is. They are nice. They can do 90 days. They can also mail. Or I can pick up. I think that's going to be my best bet.

I finished my latest pocket book. It features 3 new ideas. Two turned out great. The third was a bust but I was able to make a course correction on it so it all worked out.

I am starving now and Amazon's still running their free meal delivery deal so I think I'm going to do an at home delivered early bird special for dinner.
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