Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A fun book surprise

On the way to the pool this morning, I discovered they are doing road work on the bridge. It wasn't an issue at 7:45 but I figured by 9 it might be so when I was done, I headed north to the other bridge access. And I found a new brunch place. So I stopped and brunched. It was lovely.

I haven't actually done that in a while. Brunched. My routine is to open up a book on my phone and read while I eat. At home, I've bee reading AskMiFi entries when I eat because I also usually have the news on and need short and sweet. But, in a restaurant, I can get into a read. I usually open up Kindle but today I thought... hmmm I wonder if I have anything in Google Books that I haven't read... I much prefer the Google Books interface over Kindle but mainly because it doesn't work with library books, I forget about it.

Today I opened it up and discovered that a book there that I was really looking forward to finishing and didn't remember that I had bought it! Initially, I borrowed The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House from the library but didn't even get to half of it before it was due. So I bought it with some Google Play Store credits and promptly forgot that I did that. In fact, I still have it on hold at the library - need to cancel that.

Anyway, I was delighted to find it and continue on reading!

The Martian. The movie I saw was The Martian.

I'm constantly confused by vagueness in Live Journals. I have only met - face to face - a few of the people who's journals I read every day. Some of them I've read for years but most of them are relatively new. I often can't even remember if the writer is male or female and can find no clues in their username or profile page. And rarely do I know the people they reference - their relationship or anything else. I get especially confused when they use letter codes - C did this or H is an asshole. In the early days, I could sometimes get a reference point on gender by the use of 'husband' or 'wife' but these days, that's no help at all. Once in a while I still see a reference to DH which I'm guess means Dear Husband but I always read as DickHead...

While I appreciate both the cuteness and the steathness of hiding ones self in ones own journal, it does often make for a difficult read. I try very hard to divulge all in my entries.

But, the other day I waxed poetic on a movie and the theater where it's showing. At least I had a link for the latter but never mentioned the movie title at all!


Now I'm on the way back to the sewing room. I have a new bag planned out in my head. I didn't ven get the last new bag sewn and already it's been been scraped for this new one.
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