Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'd give myself a star but...

I got the fabric all cut out and vinylized and all the bits needed for a new bag all selected and prepped but then I stopped. I wanted to get deep into the bag making but...

I really need to get off this giant butt and remind my legs how to walk. So I tied up the sewing area and strapped on my walkers and headed out to Uwajimaya (a 20 minute walk there and back). At this point I'd be feeling pretty holier than thou EXCEPT... at Uwajimaya I bought 3 packages of cookies and two custard tarts!

One of the cookie types is breakfast cookie to have with my coffee in the morning but I bought two of the almond wafer cookies that I just love. They are crisp and delicate and baked locally and I love them.

Yum. My fitness app is very happy but it doesn't know about the cookies.
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