Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I got nuthin'

I swam. I'm getting ready to go sew. No baseball today. Just another wonderful day of me.

I did get a lovely email this morning. A bunch of months ago, I had a really sore back and neck and went to a massage place to see if that could make it better. The masseuse was a killer. It took a week before my bruises healed. The massage place sent me a survey and I filled it out truthfully. They got in touch immediately and put a free massage on my account to be used whenever I wanted. It turned out to be a nice exchange.

The email I got this morning was from them and was perfectly worded. It acknowledged my experience and reminded me of the free massage and pledged to make my next massage wonderful. It was nice of them to follow up.

And it did remind me that I must be doing something better because my neck and back have felt very good lately. My lower back sometimes gets tired of carrying around all this fat, but not nearly as often as it did back then. Also more swimming might be helping.
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