Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

psycosomatic memorex or real?

Yesterday I was investigating my new insurer's website looking for a place to log in (never found because they don't do it) when I found a big COPD link so I clicked on it. They had some well written info that I already knew but then I stumbled over something way more interesting.

I use two inhalers every day. Advair and Spiriva. For no particular reason, I do the Advair first and then brush my teeth (because you need to rinse the steroids out of your mouth) and then I take pills (blood pressure) and then I do the Spiriva.

The info on their website said basically that I should do the Spiriva first and then wait 5 minutes and do the Advair. Their reasoning made sense. So, this morning, that's what I did.

Yesterday, while I was swimming, I didn't really have problems but there was enough breathing discomfort to remind me that my lungs ain't like they used to be.

Today was just the opposite.

I always take the stairs from the parking lot to the gym instead of the elevator. I count it as part of my workout :). Usually it takes me from the top of the steps through the check in and through the whole gym to the locker rooms in the back to get my breath back. NOT today! I even climbed an extra set of stairs later and managed with out issues.

I totally get that this could be all my imagination but hells bells if my imagination can enable me to breathe better, I'm all for it. And Yeah!!

I also got a 3 page letter from my now old insurance company saying that they are cancelling me since I signed up for something else. They must get paid by the word. I still may regret the change. But not today. Buh Bye.
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