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Long ago a couple started up a website for knitters. It turned into a website for those who knit and crochet and in a fairly short time grew huge. Today it is mega. And I cannot imagine anyone who knits or crochets who hasn't been there for tips, ideas, patterns, discussions, not to mention keeping track of their own projects.

But, there's really nothing like it for sewers. There are some places that have some features but not any one place I can find that is comparable.

The closest, for my money, is on Reddit. There are a couple of sub reddits dealing with sewing and patterns and one very active one that is /r/sewing. Last week, I don't even know exactly what prompted it, but I started a thread called Tuesday Tip Thread and learned a couple of cool new things. Someone responded that it should be weekly. So I did it again today and already there LOTS of excellent tips and ideas. On the down side both this week and last have cost me about $40 total on Amazon! I just ordered something called Swedish Tracing Paper that sounds like some magic shit. Can't wait to see what it's all about.

I got to the pool this morning in plenty of time to get my swim in before the aqua fit class started. That's a pretty darned popular class. Today there were a dozen people there and more coming in when I left. Considering they've only really been at it for a few weeks, that's kind of impressive. I just wish it were a better class.

I had some breathing problems in my swim this morning. It was weird and rarely happens and didn't stop me. It did remind me to be grateful for being able to swim every day. I can image little worse than having some sort of problem that would prevent my spending my daily hour in the pool.

I have never seen a Star Wars movie and never wanted to and still don't but I do kind of feel left out.

I do think (like the rest of Twitter) that the new Prime Minister is hot. But, then, back in the day, I thought his father was hot. I'm not very up on the politics but still got it for hot men.

I have a new sewing project to start today and there are two baseball games and bears to knit. Busy busy. I am happy with bear production so far this month. There are 9 completed bears in the chair and nearly 3 more weeks til the next delivery. I'm on about 3-4 a week so I'm not stressed at all this go round.

My replacement Pixel just arrived. Nice.
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