Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Safe at home for the duration

Seahawks home games are getting more and more difficult to work around. The vendors and crowds come earlier and earlier. For an afternoon game, they start setting up their wares and tailgates the night before. But even worse than that, for some reason, when they get here to my neighborhood, they think any hard surface is a sidewalk and they just walk right down the middle of the street. Slowly. Without a care in the world. And for sure not at all caring that my car is mere inches from their ass. It's bizarre and annoying.

I try very hard not to let them get to me. I knew there was baseball and football in the stadium across the street when I moved in here. (But, honestly, 25 years ago, neither sport drew actual crowds. The joke was that you could leave your car unlocked with a pair on tickets to either a Seahawks game or a Mariner game on the dash and when you got back you would find 2 pair.)

But, still, I love this location so much 97% of the time. I need to shut up about the 3%.

When I left for the pool today, it was dark out which was weird. I haven't gone to this pool in the dark before. I try to get there when they open at 8 but always I get there too early. Today I was rewarded. The counter girl opened up at 10 til. The lights don't come on in the pool until 8 so I got a nice 5 mins + of swimming in the dark which was very very cool.

Our local PBS station had a 4 hour sewing marathon this past week and TiVo, bless it's heart, picked it up. I watched some of it last night and in the first hour and a half, I learned several very nifty tricks for making bags and how to make a really cool phone/tablet stand. I've still got 2.5 hours to watch! I'm saving 'em until I can use what I've learned so far.

Yesterday I picked up the funnest trick at Costco. I had an indoor/outdoor thermometer that I actually check often but it is now on the free shelf in the garage and replaced up here with this:

It's fascinating to watch. Today's hope is that that indoor stays where it is so I can close the doors to the outside and muffle some of the sound when the cheerleading starts.

It looks like my replacement Pixel Chromebook will be here tomorrow! Not too bad... it died Thursday afternoon and replaced by Monday. I'm impressed.

And, speaking of hardware, one of today's projects is to gather together all my phone stuff: a couple of cases, the special quick charger, the quick car quick charger, a fancy quick charge external battery, the box, etc. and get it all photographed and ready to post for sale. The new phone will be here in a couple of weeks or sooner and there's no reason to be ready. I'm hoping that by bundling it with a bunch of extra goodies, I can get $325 or at least $300 for it. This would make the new phone nearly a deal! (Writing now from De Nile.)

Zoey is making me nuts today. She's acting like she does when I am not dishing out the wet cat food fast enough. But, I have dished it out and she hasn't eaten it. I even tossed out some not fresh and refreshed it with a different flavor. And still she's having a manic day. Should be fun sewing with her.

Time to get going on my ToDos.
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