Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not terribly productive but at least something...

I've been fighting the ironing board problem in my sewing room for a while. No good place to store one or use one. But, I needed the firmness (as opposed to ironing on the bed) and the height. So I bought this:


BUT, that fabric... ugh. And, it turns out, really flammable. I scorched it the first time I turned the iron on. But otherwise, perfect.

So today, I took this mat I had bought, and disassembled it.


I did it while I watched British Bake Off. I'm pretty sure I will now think tea bread/muffins whenever I iron.

I took the resulting fabric and recovered the ironing board. Worked perfectly. The top drawer is a great place to store the iron. I'm quite enamored with my new ironing station!

Chili for dinner and baseball starting now.
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