Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Out of whack

Last night I woke up after I'd been asleep for a couple of hours. This is a common occurrence. But what wasn't at all common was that I couldn't get back to sleep. At all. I tried for a couple of hours and then listened to the rest of my book for an hour and then finally slept for a couple. I was so pissed at my brother's tech for quitting on him. And also had a bunch of other things going on in my brain. Like not being able to find a cable that I really need and can't replace. It was just weird. Oh and the cat thought it was time to eat, time to play time to knock shit off of shit. And how could that ungrateful kid do that to my brother who has done so much for him????

Happily, the one stress I did not have was needing to sleep. Insomnia loses the battle when it doesn't matter. I can nap today or not. I can go to bed early tonight. So fuck you insomnia. No victim here!

My swim was about 30 minutes delayed but other wise fine. I needed bread but for some reason just did not want to go to the trouble of Safeway and Trader Joe's which is easier has no bread I like. I was just out of sorts so I decided to go home and deal with it later. Then Google reminded me I had a hold waiting at the library and books to return in the car so I decided to go there and then to the market near there.

It was a good decision. When I got to the library, which wasn't open yet, I spied one of the people waiting... it was my old friend, Madaline! We used to swim together and I hadn't seen her in forever. We had a nice little catch up and vowed to meet up soon for breakfast or lunch or coffee or something. It was a treat to see her.

Then I was bolstered on to the store and now home. And glad to be here.

I have a list of things I'd like to get done today but if none of it happens, no biggie.
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