Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different day

I had such fun meeting theoctothorpe! And the Skillet in Ballard is by far the best of the Skillet family. Bright and cheery and roomy and easy to get to with parking available and, best of all, d e l i c i o u s.

I dropped him off in the middle of town and came home to find my Pixel Chromebook with a black screen. It was plugged in and showed that it had power but no OS. Boot disk error. I tried the recovery process 4 different times with no luck. Google is sending me a replacement.

Then I got my old Chromebook out and discovered that the power cord is trying to escape from the power block. Dug out my Sugru and fixed that. Chipped a nail in that process and fixed it with superglue. Then got my big torch to see if I could find the old power cord out in terrace cupboards and discovered that it needed new batteries. Got the new batteries but couldn't figure out how to get them swapped out. Thank you, Amazon questions for giving me the clue.

In the middle of all this, I got a note from my brother that his main tech - the one he just spent $1,000 sending to a special further education class - turned in his notice today. He was recruited by his buddy to left my brother's company a month ago. I understand wanting to move on but he had to know before he left on that trip. He could have said something. Or at least postponed it if he wasn't sure. That's just tacky. He gave my brother 3 weeks notice. My brother countered with 1 day. He'll be out after tomorrow. And I'm glad. He's off the company website tonight because the webmaster (me) is pissed.

My brother is also pissed which is better than hurt, I think, which I'm sure he is as well. But, I think being more pissed than hurt has to be a little better. He's actually now planning to not hire but rather take his two remaining techs (who, thankfully, work well together) and pair down his business to exclude the clients he doesn't want and focus on those he does. Smart move, I think. I hope. He works so hard. I hate it when people he's really gone the extra mile for turn around and piss on his shoes.

Turns out I have a nearly unlimited supply of SD cards and thumb drives of the 125 MB variety and zero thumb drives with a larger capacity. I managed to find 4 SD drives with more than 4 GB (which is what you need to recover a chromebook). But, clearly, I need to get rid of all those tiny drives. They are worthless. And I need to lay in a couple of 8 GB (or more) drives for emergencies.

I've had the baseball game on for most of the 7 (so far) innings. I think the Mets have this one which is fine by me. Mets and Cubs will be a fun bit of baseball. My Mom would have loved loved loved it. She was a huge Mets fan and every baseball lover has to enamored with seeing the Cubs in post season.
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