Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mrs. Kravitz at your service

I was done reporting on the new neighbors until... until...

The movers came in with one of these!


I couldn't find much about it. I did find this at the Testosterone and Longevity Center. Their slogan really needs to be Live Long and Fuck but I can't find that in the content...

I was trying to keep an open mind but then they brought in a king sized mattress that looked about 40 years old and was 100% stained and filthy. I mean it was so bad, I would have been embarrassed to toss it out! Maybe that's why he (and, by now, I gotta believe it's a guy... a single guy) still has it. Although, seriously, I would have left that in the old apartment and blamed squatters.

After the mattress, I came back inside my own unit and closed the door. I'm still watching the front door TV network but no longer doing the close up spying.

Kravitz out.
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