Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What I love most today (and lots of days)

I love having time. Time to waste. Time to do. Time to think. Time to just click around the internet willy nilly.

This morning I had to time my swim to get in my 2000 yards before the aqua fit class started. I timed it perfectly. Got in 50 yards extra! Then, coming home, I hit a weird traffic blockage. I later learned some poor UPS dude was stuck in his truck on the viaduct and so everything else (as in all the routes I was trying) suffered chronic constipation.

But, I had time so I just listened to my podcast and was very grateful I didn't have to pee.

I got home at 10:30 and have shot the last 75 minutes just tooling around the internet. Luxuriously. I have a new addiction to sewing blogs - particularly those of people who sew bags. It's astounding how many of those there are and they are of such high quality. There are more than a few extremely talented sewers out there sharing their shit.

I am being distracted by what's on the Front Door TV Network. Someone is moving in giant (like 5 feet by 4 feet) pieces of art stretched on canvas. Wow. These units have some very expansive wall space, perfect for big pieces. There was a woman who lived here years ago who had the most amazing and huge pieces on her walls... Wonder whatever happened to her. and her art.

Ok, time to get something done before my lunch date!
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