Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Because it delights me

I saw a thing the other day on G+ or Twitter that was something along the lines of "I just spent $90 for the supplies needed to DIY something that would cost me $5."

Oh so true. I keep buying sewing shit. There's a fairly active sub for sewing on Reddit with a lively exchange of ideas and tips. Last night tips and ideas cost me 2 online orders for a total of $30. But I can't wait for the stuff to get here so I can make more stuff.

But I love the process so much. Over the past two days I have pulled 4 shirts I didn't like out of the Goodwill bin and remade them into 3 shirts I love! And 1. I love them and am wearing one now. And 2. I love everything about doing it. I love how Zoey crawls into the fish bed and watches me the whole time. I listen to podcasts while I work. I love not having a clue how to fix or make better and then coming up with the perfect way.

But I'm done for today because I need to get back to bears. I really want to make sure my inventory isn't embarrassing this month. It is a damn good thing I'm retired. There is is barely enough time in the day as it is. I got no time for a job.

Tomorrow I am meeting an LJ/Twitter friend FTF! theoctothorpe is in Seattle. I don't know why. He pinged me today for lunch tomorrow. I'm jazzed and also using it for an excuse to finally try out the Skillet's Ballard location. It's been open now for something like two years and I've yet to give it a go. We'll be fixing that tomorrow.

But now... bear time.
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