Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The housecleaner is finishing up the vacuuming. Sooooo nice to have everything clean and tidy again. I did ask her if she could fit me in an additional time a month and she said 'SURE!' She used to come every other week but I cut her back to once a month when I got laid off and then retired. It worked while I settled into the new money situation. But, now I know what I need and have and if I have to cut back on something else, I know for sure it will be worth it.

And speaking of money, I pledged another Kickstarter project. I have now sworn twice to never do that again. So much for my vows. This one is by the people who make my nearly perfectly wonderful waterproof earbuds. These new ones fix the issues I have with my current ones. I applaud their endeavor and love their warranty and appreciate their customer service - plus they are just down the road in Corvalis so... kind of local-ish.

Today in my swim I reviewed all the sewing I want to do and remembered a white board thing that I found the other day when cleaning out my closet. It's flat and you can stick it anywhere. So I think it's going on the back of the armoire door for listing/tracking all the projects I want to do.

I'm totally failing at not following post season baseball. I'm swept up in Chicago Cub-itis. And still looking for a Blue Jays win.

I discovered today that there is a Seattle Police Museum about 4 blocks from here. I can't believe I never even stumbled on it by accident. I'm going to have to go check it out one of these days.

I am starving like it's an hourr past lunchtime and it's only 10:45. hmmmm. I'm thinking brunch now.
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