Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

At least my fitness band is happy

So I decided that I might stay for aqua fit class today. I got to the end of my swim and had 5 more laps. If the teacher got there before I finished the 5 laps, I'd stay. She showed up when I had about 15 yards to go. So I stayed. It was way better than before but still it was aerobics. Not my thing. Water makes it better but it's still aerobics. I left at the 30 minute mark. It might be more palatable if I hadn't swam 2,000 yards first.

I really felt that I had done something. Out of breath, coughing and I'm not sure my legs will even work tomorrow but... still not my thing. My fitness band, however, LOVED it! I had passed my daily goal by the time I got out of the shower.

It's Senior Discount Tuesday so I stopped off at the fabric shop and picked up some stuff. I really don't like the people who work in that shop or really the shop itself but... it's so freakin' convenient the other options aren't that much better.

I have enough sewing stuff - fabric and notions - in house now to last me a while so I don't have to worry about it.

The house cleaner comes tomorrow so I need to make sure it's tidy enough so that she can focus on cleaning instead of picking up my crap. The kitchen really needs her touch. I just don't have the skills required. I was even contemplating having her come twice a month instead of once a month.

My itchy back problem has not resurfaced but... my skin is so dry and it really needs lotion. I wonder if the sponge on a stick might have caused the irritation so last night I boiled the sucker in soapy water and scrubbed it clean and used it with a mostly petroleum and water lotion. After my swim, I gave it the Japanese bath cloth scrubber and then used the Vaseline spray lotion after I toweled off. So far, so good. I'm trying to keep track of everything I put on back there and in what order so if it happens again, I will have a better idea of what to change.

I got some hot pink fleece to make croc liners for my neon green crocs. I think I may just do that today while the Cubs baseball game is on.
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