Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pair #4 is the winner

So I'm still addicted to these fleece croc liners. When I slip my foot into that soft heaven, it's like a little love every time for every foot.

I bought a pair on Etsy and while I love them, there were changes I wanted. So I made a pattern and made a pair. Close, but not quite there and sloppy. So I tried again. Really really close and better. And then I tried again using the horrid fleece I ordered and they came out ok but messy. I gave the rest of that messy fabric to Goodwill.

Today, I tried again with good fleece and it's 100% spot on The pattern worked perfectly so I know I can replicate when ever I want. SWEET! Now I need more fleece.

I went into my closet this morning to find a top and came to the realization that my transitional tops - long sleeved t-shirts and heavier weight shirts are shot. I need to send them all to Goodwill or the trash really. I've put this off for a couple of years because finding suitable replacements is such a bitch.

BUT... not this year! Now I can order whatever I want, bigger than I want, and easily sew them to fit me. Yeah!!! Having easy sewing available is such a wonderful thing.

And, yeah, also for a healed back.

In the locker room where I can see my whole back in good light, I checked my back again and while the red area is about half the size of yesterday, it's still a little red.

BUT, that was at 9:30 am. It's now 2:30 pm and it just occurs to me that I have not even thought about my back for hours!! No pain, no itching, no nothing. I've got not idea what's going on back there and for that I am profoundly grateful. Halefuckinglooya.
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