Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Insurance rabbit hole

The good news is choices. The bad news is choices. Because I'm old in the United States, I get my medical expenses (most of them) taken care of my Medicare plus additional insurance.  The additional insurance, in my case, is paid for by Medicare (yeah, it's as confusing as it sounds) but in October and November, I can change to a different insurer. 

My insurance company pisses me off a lot. So I thought maybe I'd change. I've kind of looked at options and weighed choices on and off over the past 6 weeks. Finally today, I took a deep dive into all the plans available and the pros and cons for me.

A lot are the same but... my current one will no longer provide Silver Sneakers. Silver Sneakers is what gets me into my swimming pool every day for free. So, BIG old minus there.

And some of the per visit/per drug/per etc. charges are different. None real killers and, if they hadn't pissed me off and/or deleted Silver Sneakers, I'd probably just fold and keep them. Easier to do.

But, I decided to switch. To a company that is here in the northwest and does not have other insurance. My current provider has about 579 different kinds of insurance and so it is difficult to maneuver through their telephone tree and other options. Also this new outfit has far more good options for getting drugs. I'm not that happy with Walgreens and should I decide to dump them, I need options.

I filled out the form online. It takes hold in January. I sure hope I didn't screw my own pooch on this.

So while I was at it, I updated the card I keep in my wallet of medications I'm on.

Yeah, I turned on the baseball game and got threw it all with that nice background and the Cubs are winning.

My back is definitely better. The skin is a little sore and there have been a couple of itchy periods but nothing as bad as yesterday. thankyoujeasus!
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