Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Itchy back installment

Could it be I just had a dirty back????  I soaped and scrubbed it down in the shower and it felt instantly better. And, now, an hour later, it still feels better. Better than it has in days. I wonder if the Cerave lotion did it? It was mildly itchy and I slatered that stuff on several times/days in a row. Then I stopped but I did not soap/scrub really well.  Hmmmm. OMG, I would be so happy if that was it. I was able to tell in the locker room light that there is definately red. Like mild sunburned red in a pattern that definately follows what I can get to with my lotion applicator stick.

It's such heaven to have relief. Heaven.

Swim was good. The woman who is there swimming 90% of the same time I am - Brody - told me today that last Thursday she did her swim early since they were going out of town. She said she got there at 5:05 am and their were 4 people already swimming and a sixth one joined just after she started her swim. Wild. The gym opens at 5 am on weekdays.

Ok, time to make some breakfast and feed this cat who isn't interetested in my writing any more of this entry.
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