Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success and success

The chili is amazing if I do say so myself. Turns out it wasn't quite as much as I thought. Though still way more than I planned. There are 3 servings in the freezer. One in the fridge and one waiting on the stove for dinner time.

I tried a different lotion on my back this afternoon and it is not nearly as itchy. I wonder if part of last night's itch was the Cerave lotion I used. Maybe my back just likes the cheap stuff better.

I really really don't care about the post baseball season. But if Toronto ends up playing the Cubs, I may be forced to watch anyway. That would just be too interesting.

Now I'm going to watch last night's Project Runway. I have really enjoyed this season more than most because the contestants have been way kinder towards each other than usual. There was one semi ugly event but it's far better than the three bitchfests per episode of previous seasons. I expect this nice will not last so each episode I gird my loins (hahahah love that phase) for the ugly cloud.
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