Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A sudden attack of GET AWAY FROM ME!

I had a good swim. Nothing like cold water waving across my itchy back. It felt so wonderful. Then I headed over to the big Safeway where I hit a personality snag.

It started off as irritation. They were out of what I wanted and when I asked somebody it was clear he neither knew nor cared. Then they had one cashier open and that one cashier looked over the 3 people in front of me and told me to go to #3.

There was no cashier at #3 and the light wasn't even on. When I finally did find someone to take my money the woman in front of me would NOT stop talking to me and then the cashier nearly left 3 of my items out of my bag (fortunately I was paying attention). And then the talking woman got me again in the parking lot.

I can actually be pretty darned socially competent. Given the right party, I can be the life of it. But, I live alone on my own in lovely solitude because sometimes, I cannot stand to interact with people. Especially people not of my choosing. I have a few (actually, really very few friends) and I am fine with them. But people I don't know, and don't need to know or want to know can totally bring out the very worst in me. Two condescending cashiers, a non helpful clerk and a very annoying chatty lady all in a row really turned me into a person I would never want to meet anywhere.

And now Zoey is messing with me. Oh and they fired the Mariners manager who was the first one in a decade that I really liked! Man, I need a horse sized chill pill.
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