Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Itchy itchy itchy

My back itches. Nearly all the time. It's making me nuts. I slathered it with lotion, twice, last night (I have this spongy thing on a stick that lets me get lotion back there) and still, itchy itchy itchy... all over it. I thought being out of the chlorine would help winter skin but I guess not. ARUGH. As I typed that, I remembered, I had some anti itch spray and dug it out. It's a topical antihistamine. And, for right now, it seems to have worked a little! hmm...

Today I'm thinking crock pot chili. After swim, my plan is to stop at the grocery and get the ingredients.

That is really my only plans for the day. I have lots that I can do but nothing that must be done.

I'm listening to the latest JoJo Moyes novel. And it's great. While I swim, I'm listening to a book of short stories by Jesse Eisenberg. It's ok.

On TV, I abandoned Quantico and Rosewood and turned the corner the other way for the sit com Life in Pieces. I think it's going to work. I do love that Zoe Lister-Jones may actually have a show that lasts a whole season. She's been so great in so many loser shows.

I've gotten massively distracted writing this entry and it's been a good half hour since I wrote the first sentence. That spray anti itch stuff has actually worked!! Yeah!!!
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