Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Peeing off the grid

Zoey has a HUGE multi cat litter box that is housed in a HUGE box (think blanket chest with cat doorway on one end). She has to share with NOBODY.

She goes all the way into the chest and then into the litter box to the far edge (which is about 8 inches high) and somehow, some way and for some reason, tries to pee over the edge. And is often successful. She does not poop over the edge but peeing... it's like pole vault peeing.

When she became the only cat and I realized her shenanigans, I bought a $1 shower curtain liner and staple gunned it to the bottom and sides of the chest. Then I lined that with a towel. This just makes cleanup not so onerous and, hopefully, will give the chest extra life. Periodically, I have to go in and clean it all out and swap out the towel. I should have done it last week but today, when I got home, the stench reminded me I had not.

It is done now. Whew. Nothing like removing a towel of cat pee to freshen up the smell of a room. UGH. On the other hand, at least she confines her free lance peeing to the litter box 'area'. Could be so worse.

This morning's plan was to go swim laps and then take the aqua fit class and then go to the library to return and pick up.

What happened was I got to the pool too early. And the class started 15 minutes late. I'd done my 2,000 yards and then some and lost interest by the time the aqua fit instructor showed up. So I showered and left. But it was too soon for the library. They weren't open yet. So I went to Target. The Target store is not in a handy location so I haven't been in a long long time.

There was time when everything in Target hit my sweet spot. I once interviewed for a job in Rochester, MN. I'd never been to MN before and didn't know a thing about it and wasn't sure I wanted the job. I flew in on Sunday afternoon and drove over to where the office was so I could just get a visual. Just before I got there, I rounded a curve and BAM... there was a HUGE Target store. I'm not saying that's why I took the job but...

Today was my first time in a Target in maybe 2 years or more. And wow. It sure feels like the quality of the goods is way down and the price is way up. Especially in clothes. And none of them really looked appealing to me. There's a time and a place and I guess my Target time and come and gone. Good to know.

And food! They've added so much food. I did remember to get French Fried onion rings which have been on my list forever. Now I can't remember why I wanted them.

Now I'm waiting on the dryer people. Every other year, the condo association goes through and inspects everyone's dryer vent to make sure nothing's trapped and all is moving smoothly. On the opposite years they sweep the fireplaces. It's the up side of living in a condo. Not having to remember or deal with that kind of maintenance stuff.

I've got a load of laundry (including a towel of cat pee) that I'd like to wash but it's not critical and I suspect the dryer checkers would appreciate not having either unit in use while they check (the dryer is on top of the washer).

And that brings us current. No big nothing on the schedule. All is easy breezy here.
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