Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My foray into old papers netted me interesting stuff and success.

I actually did find all of the paper to go with the hot water heater... the purchase, the receipt, the installations docs, all of it AND it carries the information that my hot water heater has a lifetime in home warranty!!! It's not transferable to clearly they do not expect me to still live here when it fails. Haha to them! But, yeah on finding all the correct papers. Wow. I've thrown out sooo much paper over the past few years, it's amazing that this crucial bit survives.

I also found very first tax card from the county. Every year they send out a card with the current assessment for property taxes. I found the one from 1992. It's a little yellow.

But the bonus was a copy of this newspaper article/photo.

Blast from the past. And I found the link to the article.

My Condo was really, seriously builder white.  Bubba was the best cat. He was born on a farm in Minnesota. He moved with me to California and then to Seattle. He finally died after many years in 1999. He was the world's greatest cat. And he majored in snuggling - anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
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