Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Being in hot water = good thing

Last night, at the condo home owners meeting, one of the board members asked about the water heater reminder and that reminded me. Our water heaters were put installed originally in 1991. So about 2003 and 4, some of them started to fail and long about 2006 there was a major push to get everyone to replace theirs with new.

I easily remembered when mine was replaced - 2005. It was part of the condo redo. The designer got it done for me. I found emails with her telling me it came with a lifetime guarantee. ??? I'm fairly sure i have no paperwork to back that up. I'm pretty sure it was a Home Depot purchase. The info off of it says it is a GE model they no longer make with a 12 year warranty. I have only 2 places that could house any paperwork if I have it. Checking those places today is on my to do list today.

And my fleece order arrived early... And it is a different kind of fleece so there will need to be new Croc liners made.

And I need to walk. Maybe up to Grand Central bakery to see what their fall sandwich is. Their summer sandwich was a BLT that was wonderful. Their static menu isn't too enticing these days but when their seasonal sandwich is good, I cannot resist.

one_raido asked in a comment on my coal entry whether I had talked to my siblings about my coal memories. This led to my sending my brother the link. I don't think he ever reads this journal any more. He had a brief pass at keeping his own a couple of years ago, but got busy. But, he logged in today to leave his side of the story which was fun and nice.

What he says he does not remember is that his imaginary friends lived in that coal bin. He had Hossenfeffer and Hossenfeffer had an army of 'mechanical mens' and they all lived down there. Hossefeffer came into the house only very occasionally but his army never did. Hossenfeffer and army were responsible for many of the misdeeds that we blamed my brother for - things that got broken, or left outside, or were messed with when they shouldn't have been. Hossenfeffer was one wrong doin' dude and his army helped him.

Ok time to go dig out paperwork. Not knowing whether I even have any is nagging at me.
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