Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seahawks antidote

The yelling and screaming started early and, for some reason today, really worked my last nerve. So I went back to the sewing room and lost myself in my latest bag. I fixed several problems with this one. It's still not perfect but it's closer. I love making these bags and I love using them. It's a perfect combo.

And, of course, Zoey watched very carefully.

(Looking at this picture, I realize just how far my need for color has gone. This must drive those who feel safe in grays, nuts.)

So much better that she watches from her bed than if she tries to help.

The noise is now all concentrated over by the stadium gates where there is a band which is, happily, facing away from here so it's background noise which is way better than the drunks screaming SEA HAWKS SEA HAWKS SEA HAWKS...

I'm having an off day anyway. Things are just off by about 5 to 10 pixels. Happily zero has to be done and nobody needs me or wants me for any reasons, so I can just chill here and be off and then be back on tomorrow.
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