Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The last Sunday

This is the lasts Sunday of Mariner baseball. And, as usual, I'm pretty ready. A losing season is a tiresome season. And since Mariner baseball is losing baseball... oh well.

I had a good swim. As usual, on Sundays, they are not open yet when I get there. The same cast of characters are waiting when they open. But, this morning there were chains on the doors with combination locks on them. The tall guy about my age, immediately decided they had been shut down even though there was no indication... wifi was working, night lights were working, all looked tidy and it was still 5 minutes to 8. On Sundays they often open late and have been as late as 8:20.

The woman who does weekend cleaning arrived and didn't have a key but said that the chains and locks were because of a break in last week where a bunch of stuff, particularly in the women's locker room, was trashed.

The counter person arrived just after 8 and unlocked and all was fine. It was a bit crowded. There's a pregnant woman I see often. This morning she introduced herself and said she was having twins so would be around a lot because other exercise was being cut back but swimming was 'in'.

I needed to stop at the grocery but didn't want to linger because the last baseball game of the year starts at noon and I didn't want to hit the crowds. I didn't all was fine.

While I was swimming, I designed some house socks and another pocketbook. But first I need to make another pair of crocs liners. Turns out the first ones had a bit of a flaw that I want to fix to make them last longer. So... sew... ing

And then TV. Both the Good Wife and Madam Secretary which are currently my two favorite TV dramas start up again tonight. It's likely I will not watch either tonight but save one or both for tomorrow, the first non baseball night of winter.
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