Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


A decade ago, I pulled out all my saved pennies and hired a designer to take my builder white and taupe condo and turn it into susandennis house. It was one of my very best decisions ever. (Here's the chronicle of it all.)

In that process, I got new kitchen appliances. I used the designer as also a project manager (which was not my best decision at all). I gave her a general idea of what I wanted and she made it happen.

One of the items I wanted was one of those microwaves that also is an oven. I had only vaguely heard of the option and just tossed it out to her.

She fulfilled it with a GE Advantium Oven which sits over my stove and is one of the handiest appliances of all times.

This little gizmo is a full fledged perfectly marvelous microwave with a glass turntable. I use it multiple times a day.

BUT... it is also a fine, small, but oh so very handy oven.

It requires NO preheat. I can take a pork chop, frozen solid, put it on a little rack and hit the button and in 30 minutes my pork chop has a lovely brown glow and is mouth watering ready. Ditto steak. Chicken likes to be thawed first but then... 30 mins and we're eatin'.

One of my favorite quickie dinners is to grab a frozen chop, and put some of those precooked mashed potatoes in a little glass ramekin (top with cheese, if I'm feeling frisky) and hit the button for 30 minutes. I add applesauce and I've got dinner!

The inside of the oven is microwave size so a muffin tin will not work but, recently I got some of those jumbo silicone muffin cups and that problem is solved. I can mix up bisquick, water and grated cheese and have hot cheese biscuits 20 minutes from the minute I decide 'hmmm wouldn't biscuits be delicious??!!' (And they were!) I think I'm going to try sausage crumbles in them as soon as I get some sausage crumbles.

Periodically, I check the GE website to ensure they are still making the Advantiums... They are. Mine is working great but if it decided not to, I'd get another one in a hot skinny minute. They are expensive but lordy lordy, they are so worth it!
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