Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I wake up in the morning, I listen to NPR while I have coffee and check the internets. But the first thing I do in my day is swim. It's the anchor to my day. Until I have news, coffee, internet, I'm not really ready to wake up. But the swim is something different. I get to the pool's edge by rote.

The first 15 minutes, most of the time, just feel amazing. The water over and under and around my body is soothing and stretching out over and over again just feels amazing. The next 30 minutes are sometimes a slog but mostly disappear while I either chew through some issue or listen to a book. The last 15 minutes are usually the most powerful. I cannot believe I can swim this long without stopping. I can't believe I get to swim here every single day. I revisit how great it feels. And, honestly, I'm just amazed that I can do anything even remotely athletic for an hour every day... and love it.  Then I usually do an extra 10-15 minutes just gilding the lily.  I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination. 2000 yards takes me at least 70 minutes or even a little more.

But, I'm so very grateful that I found swimming. It makes every day better. On weekends, the pool does not open until 8 and without morning traffic it takes me about 15 minutes at the most to get there. So I have a good 20 minutes before it makes sense to even get out of bed.

I just saw a tweet with a photo showing the road in Charleston, SC that led to where my Mother lived is completely closed off by the rainstorm. Wild to see.

No big plans for today. Yesterday, I finally got Crocs linings that I've been working on, perfected. There's little that feels better than slipping your feet into fleece. Whoever invented that stuff is a genius. I need to make a couple more pairs of the linings. I was at least smart enough to make a paper pattern of the once that I finally got right. I also want to try my hand at some fleece house socks. I have an idea of how I want them to be.

And, seriously, I need to walk. I need to quit talking about it and put my fucking feet on the fucking asphalt! Today's the day.
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