Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just posted a kind of snarky entry on Google + and immediately got a highly argumentative comment filled with suppositions I think are ridiculous.  His comment really gave me only two choices... I could say nothing which would imply agreement or start a war of words with someone who's values and mores are very different than mine.

I took door #3 and deleted the entry.  This scenario is one of the main reasons I'm also not on Facebook and will never be. Life is too fucking short. I do not enjoy arguing for the sake of argument.

I live in a very isolated world. If I were younger and had my life in front of me, I'd work to change that and to ensure I heard from and learned from all kinds of people with very different ideas and values than those I enjoy. I'd work hard to keep an open mind and learn from all around me. But I'm old and cranky and am not interested in making the effort. I try not to hurt any body but otherwise enjoy the fuck out of doing and thinking exactly what I want when I want. Old age has its benes for sure.
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