Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Had a good swim, delivered the bears, stopped at the library to drop off books and pick up holds, swung by the market to pick up some country ribs which are now in the crock pot crocking away for dinner tonight.  So, yeah, my day's gone well so far.

Next I need to:

  • Go down to the car and get my wet suit that I forgot to bring up.

  • Take down the garbage on that same trip.

  • Fire up iTunes and set the Shuffle to start my book where I left off, not at the beginning again.

  • Clean up where Zoey thew up last night.

  • Tidy up the kitchen.

  • Get back to work on my fleece Crocs socks.

My online yarn shop is having free shipping this weekend but I think I'm going to hold off yet again. I'm sure they will have another either before or after Christmas and I've got enough yarn to last til then.

I looked at the BigFish games they want me to user test and I really object to all of them (too much extraneous non-game action, very little skill needed, too much LINK TO FACEBOOK FOR WAY MOREW FUN!!!!!!!) so I sent them a note and said no thank you to next week's session.

All this talk about the Martian movie is working on me. But, I still have too much to watch on TV here. And 4 more baseball games plus, I loved the book so much, I'm still remembering how fabulous it was and am not ready to replace that with the movie. Yet. I think January/February - when they release it for streaming, I'll be ready.

Yesterday I bought $10 readers to replace the magnifying glasses that I couldn't find.  The minute I sat down at the sewing machine yesterday, those damn magnifiers peeked out from under the little drawer unit - nearly invisible on the dark carpet. So now I'm covered magnification wise...  Oh well.

Time to get on the chores.
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