Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done. Whew

I got the 12th bear done and the group shot shot. It's a pitifully small group but at least that makes the photo easier to line up.

While I finished the last bear, I watched an American Masters show about Althea Gibson.

My Mom was a champion tennis player. She was the Oklahoma State champion for 4 or 5 years and played seriously until she was 75. I grew up with tennis. I tried it myself but I sucked plus the minute I got a raquet in my hand, someone would say 'oh are you as good as your mother??' NFW. I put the raquet down. But, as a family, we all went to her tournaments and watched whenever it was on TV and heard as much tennis news as we did national news at home. I even got to go to Wimbledon with her in the 80's. She made us a tennis family.

So I always knew about Althea Gibson. She was the opposite of Mom. She was tall and thin and had a wingspan of forever. My Mom never did top 5'5" and had nearly zero wingspan but she could run her ass off and did. She was like a gnat compared to Gibson's eagle.

It was interesting today to watch and remember. Gibson played in the US Open - the first African American to ever do so - the year after I was born. And went on to win all the major tournaments multiple times. She was just ahead and not very interested in the feminist side of tennis and my Mom really was so Gibson moved off our tennis news front page in the 70s. It was interesting to see the rest of her life. She lived until 2003.

No baseball tonight so TiVo catch up and starting the bears of October!!  
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