Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I love the pool at my gym. The people who run it, not so much. This morning I called to ensure the pool was open and the bright spot at the front desk said 'I'm pretty sure it is.' ??? Pretty sure? From where she was standing, she could have taken 4 steps to see if anyone was swimming in it. Or maybe asked someone who knew... but, no, all I got was 'I'm pretty sure it is.'

Turns out it was. The gym's app says that the aqua fit class is canceled until October 8. It was cancelled today but the only place you could find that out was on the phone app. The class schedules posted all around had the class starting at 9 am today which it did not. The old ladies who showed up were confused.

On October 6, the class is listed as starting at 9 with Michelle as the teacher. So I stopped by the desk on my way out today and asked the guy there if there was really a class on the 6th or if itwas canceled. He not only didn't know, he apparently didn't know how to find out. He asked one of the other guys and seriously world peace would have been an easier achievement for these two.

I guess it just makes me more grateful that the pool is even open every day.  No word yet about Tuesday's aqua fit class.  I just want to know if I have to move my swim time or if it won't matter. Probably, to be safe, I'll just make sure I am finished by 9.

Today's initiative is bears. The 12 one for the month is in the basket now without a head, arms, ears, face or a necktie. All of that must be remedied asap so I can get the group photo and then package them up for delivery tomorrow.

So that's what I'm doing now. Back when it's done.
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