Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The closure is closed... yeah!!

When I got to the pool this morning, the signs that it will be closed Thursday and Friday were up at the front desk and the pool. I swam. When I got out, the sign at the pool was gone. When I got to the front desk the front desk person snagged me right away to tell me that the closure was pretty much canceled. She said I should call in the morning but it looks like the pool will not be closed at all! YEAH!!

On to the drugstore and then I realized I could walk to the nails place so I did. I was early and they were running late so it took forever BUT, they are so very nice and the place, while not at all fancy, is just comfortable so fine. Plus there was a lady at the next door station who was fun so ... fun.

Then on to the grocery store where they did not have any freezer paper. It's a bigish Safeway but they never seem to have the one item I really want.

Then on to Papa Murphy's where I decided to go big and got a cowboy instead of my usual elcheapo pepperoni fav. There will be big eatin' here tonight!

Now I home. First lunch. Then bear knitting.
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