Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Retail therapy

My day has been so disconcerting on a bunch of silly, insignificant issues.. It's like a day of emotional paper cuts. And, apparently, I have no immunity.

I just bought a new phone. A Nexus 6P. My old phone isn't even old yet. Geesh. I looked up what I could sell my not-yet-old phone for and it was more than I thought but a fair amount. And the new one corrects the top 4 things I don't like about it.

But, it does not have wireless charging which I love...

I do have, probably, a month during which I can cancel the order without penalty. And 30 days after it comes, to return it.

But I know I won't do either.

I also didn't do any walking today... except up and down this condo looking for those damn glasses. And not finding them.

I have a charmed life. I do. But every once in a while - rarely but once in a while, I'd like a mulligan. I totally vilipend this day.

(On the up side, spellcheck vilipends vilipend and this amuses me.)
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