Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning has been chock full of arugh!

When I got to the gym there was a sign that said the pool will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week. Sad Trombone.

I got to the pool a little earlier than planned but no one was there so yeah!! I had a lovely swim. My plan was to swim laps til 9 and then try out Yet Another New Aqua Fit teacher for that class at 9.  I swam about 75 minutes until about 9:05. By this time there was a bit of an aqua fit crowd gathered... but no instructor.

She finally got there about 9:15 but by that time I had moved on with my life and was in the shower. I hit the road to my next stop at 9:20 and the bridge was waaaay backed up. Turns out there were traffic issues all over town - even in areas where normally there is zero traffic. It took me an 40 minutes to go the normally 10 minutes from the gym to the library.  But, it was ok because the library wasn't even open yet. I waited until 10, got my books and then, promptly got right back into traffic. I took a couple of short cuts and even they were packed.  It was weird.

I did pop into the drug store and in a totally of 15 minutes, I was greeted warmly by the pharmacist, , given information and recommendation (go with high test flu shot), signed forms, got shot, got my bandaid and was back in the car. 15 minutes.

It took me another 45 minutes to travel the 15 minutes home. Holy crap.

Then I got an email from yesterday's clinic saying that a manager of the flu shot program would like to talk to me. Am I willing? What's my phone number? (Look at your records... my phone number hasn't changed in 25 years.) I wrote back that I had gotten my shot and a lovely apology and was really interested in moving on but if I could offer more information or something OTHER than another apology or a justification, then ok. I really hope she doesn't call.

I also got asked to do user testing for Big Fish Games - at their HQ next Tuesday. Should be fun and interesting.

I was going to watch the Google announcement this morning but I was sitting in traffic instead. Just as well, I'm not sure either one of the phones thrills me. I have enough tablets to prevent justifying a new one for years to come and the new Chromecasts don't do it for me either. I'll get all the details in podcasts to come. Now I'm just starving.

All that time I was sitting in traffic I was just so grateful that I didn't have to pee.
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